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Our Aim is to make the planet greener.


We assist our clients in hastening the transition to a more sustainable society. We accomplish this through providing sustainability services to enterprises in the manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure sectors, as well as the public sector.

Engineering Management

We excel in Engineering Management, combining expertise, innovation, and sustainability to address net zero and climate change challenges. We lead projects with precision and a forward-thinking mindset.

Engineering Consultancy

Our Consultancy offers top-tier expertise, guiding projects with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. We align your vision seamlessly with net zero and climate change demands for a future-forward solution.

Net Zero & Climate Change

We prioritize Net Zero and Climate Change, integrating sustainability into our services. With meticulous planning and innovative solutions, we shape a greener future, aligning your vision with sustainable solutions.


Take a close look at some of our services offered below

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

In order to ensure environmental protection and sustainable practices, AOC Engineering Ltd offers comprehensive environmental planning services with a focus on impact assessment, auditing, groundwater investigation, pollution control, sediments management, and pollution alertment technology.


Landscaping & Facilities Management

To improve the appearance and usability of various properties, AOC Engineering provides thorough landscaping and facilities management services.

Environmental Management Consulting

Environmental Management Consulting

AOC Engineering Ltd offers diverse environmental management services, including geological investigation, pollution control, waste management, community compensation, site protection, vibration monitoring, photogrammetry, and environmental services for government agencies and corporations.

Project Management

Project Management

AOC Engineering Limited specializes in comprehensive Project Management services, ensuring successful execution of engineering and environmental projects through hands-on oversight, efficient coordination, and adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards.

Risk Management

Risk Management

AOC Engineering offers businesses individualized risk management solutions. To protect assets, the environment, and sustainable business goals, our experienced team collaborates directly with clients, guaranteeing a more resilient and sustainable future.

Waste Management

Waste Management Services

At AOC Engineering, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive waste management services. Through research analysis, we stay at the forefront of waste management practices, enabling us to develop effective strategies for waste reduction and proper disposal.

Geographical Information Systems

GIS Applications & Training

AOC Engineering Ltd offers thorough GIS applications and training services, including research analysis in waste management and environmental practice, environmental management, facility mapping, the development of spatial decision support systems, and natural hazard assessment.

Engineering Survey

Geodetic Cadastre & Engineering Survey

AOC Engineering Ltd delivers geodetic, cadastre, and engineering survey services, encompassing mapping geographic information system, claims and environmental consultancy, and geospatial systems engineering.

Energy Services

Energy Services

AOC Engineering is a leading provider of comprehensive energy services, specializing in engineering and manpower development, we deliver reliable solutions for the energy industry.

Petroleum Flowstation

Petroleum & Oil Related Services

AOC Engineering Ltd provides supply and installation of petroleum and power facilities, as well as independent marketing of petroleum products. With expertise in oil production, refining, and petrochemical plants.

Engineering Equipments

Trading, Marketing & General Merchandising

At AOC Engineering, we excel in trading, marketing, and general merchandising services. We provide reliable labor supply to meet diverse industry needs, ensuring efficient workforce management, we facilitate smooth business transactions and foster strong partnerships.

General Engineering Services

General Engineering Services

AOC Engineering excels in providing comprehensive engineering services to meet diverse client needs. Our expertise spans across various engineering disciplines, including civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, water, and chemical engineering. From design to construction, maintenance, and repairs, We provide outstanding engineering solutions that put efficiency and quality first.

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By prioritizing net zero, we actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy sources, and implement sustainable practices. This emphasis helps protect the environment, mitigate climate risks, preserve natural resources, and create a more resilient and sustainable future for generations to come.